Eingin Embla virðisløn til Føroya

– Tað var eingin Embla-virðisløn til Føroyar í ár, men tey tilnevndur kláraðu seg sera væl.

Vinnararnir komu úr Danmark, tríggjar virðislønir, Noreg, tríggjar virðislønir og Svøríki, eina virðisløn.


Embla letur tilnevndum møguleika at býta um royndir og íblástur við aðrar eldsálir.


– Luttøkan í Embla hevur flutt tankar okkara um, hvat er gjørligt at fáa til vega í Føroyum, og hevur hjálpt til við íblástri til føroyskar framleiðarar og framsýning av Føroyum sum matvøruframleiðandi tjóð og sum eitt ferðamál, sigur Siggert Patursson, sum er formaður í Bóndafelag Føroya.


Ein listi av vinnarum av Ársins Embla-virðirslønu við grundgevingum sæst niðanfyri:


These are the winners of the Embla Food Prize


During a grand award ceremony in Oslo, the Embla Food Awards 2021 was handed to the best people and companies within the Nordic food scene.  


The best in the Nordic region were gathered Monday night at the Embla Food Awards 2021 in Oslo to celebrate the food and the people behind Nordic cuisine. All the Nordic countries each provided representatives of Nordic food culture and food identity, within seven categories. This year there were a record number of nominations, and the jury has named winners based on criteria such as sustainability, inspiration, originality, honesty, and not least recognizable Nordic. 




These are the winners:  


Nordic food producer: Fredriksdals Kirsebærvin, Denmark


The winner is a producer who organically makes a product which is sought after in the most prestigious restaurants in Europe. Trying new innovative ways to maximise the harvest and using natural fermentation in the process.


He stood by his vision, he kept on going to produce the most authentic wine for both Denmark, but most important for himself and his vision. Proving that you can indeed create high quality cherry wine on Danish soil. 


Nordic food entrepeneur: Andreas Sundgren, Brännlands Cider, Sweden


With a high market potential this entrepreneur is using raw tenacity to make a naturally sweet beverage in a harsh climate that nobody believed would succeed. The cold winter season, hard work and terroir apples builds a bouqet of ultra premium products.


The Nordic market has for many years desired local wine products from this specific region and finally, we can say that the demand has been met exceeding all expectations  


Nordic food artisan: Undredal stølsysteri, Norway


This prize goes to a food artisan with Nordic roots and traditions, and without them these traditions could not even begin.


These people was the start of a new wave of Nordic cheese production, which has created great value, new career opportunities for many and a completely different playing field in the cheese industry.


Based in world heritage site, lies a cheese company that from their own hard efforts can live their dream as one of the most important cheese artisans of the Nordics


Nordic food communicator: Det Grønne Museum, Denmark


Get your hands dirty! The winner is a living museum where knowledge and activities meet the living history through storytelling. The museum is bringing together and communicating to very different kind of people – from children to professionals in different sectors.


It’s a knowledge institution offering a wide variety of living and broad learning reflecting different ages and suitable for all visitors, neither forgetting guests with special needs.


The museum is an inside out gene bank, that preserves and cultivates old varieties of plants and animal breeds.


Nordic food for many: The Junk Food Project, Denmark


The Project males a difference for a special group of people living on the edge. The food is prepared and adjusted the special dietary needs of the homeless people.


The project has many social dimensions: Homeless people, young people who gets ready for the labour market assisting in the preparation of the meals. Furthermore, the project has sustainability as a core dimension: prepares food for many, integrates food from food waste in the meals and makes a difference for the society.


Nordic food destination: Kvitnes gård, Norway


The Arctic is a braid of cultures that has survived by sharing knowledge, craft, resources, and traditions. The Arctic nature and short growing season chooses which products you will be served at this destination.


Visitors seeking originality in the north will be given an exclusive experience. The winner is preparing and serving local food based on circular economy and holistic land management and farming.


The winner is making people in the north proud of what they can produce and is an inspiration for other destinations in northern locations.


Nordic food for children and youth: Geitmyra Credo, Norway


Through inspiring collaborations and partnerships the winner has created a Nordci Food Hub a learning environment for children and young people for development of Nordic gastronomy in many generations to come


About the Embla Food Price


Nordic cuisine is known for clean flavours and uncompromising dissemination, which has made "Nordic food" a term far beyond the geographical Nordic region. 


The award was established to strengthen the common Nordic food identity and culture, and to increase interest in Nordic food outside the Nordic region. The award is handed out every second year. 


The producers of agricultural raw materials are behind. The six Nordic agricultural organisations, gathered under the Nordic Farmers' Association's Central Council (NBC) are behind the award. It is also supported by the Nordic Council of Ministers and is part of the New Nordic Food III programme. The Norwegian Farmers' Association hosted the awards in Oslo on 20 June 2022. This was the third time the Embla Food Awards were held.